The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

— Alan Kay, American Computer Scientist

“People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones.”

Donald Knuth, American computer scientist

Technology is the future — it’s fun, and anybody can do it. Computers, the Internet, and smartphones are not magic, and it is vitally important that we develop future citizens that not only understand this but are also confident in using and developing these technologies.

In our computer lab at Manor New Tech, Freshmen scholars explore how computers and the Internet came about and how they work, they learn how to effectively utilize Microsoft Office and Google Drive, they learn the proper way to conduct themselves online, and they learn the beginnings of programming and game design. Upperclassmen learn the ins and outs of cyber security; focusing on networking, hacker history, cryptography, and how to program using Java. We keep up with the cutting-edge trends in Technology and the scholars understand that they too can make a contribution.